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How it works?

We work in partnership with a wide range of businesses and groups, including professional societies, expat communities, and sports and leisure membership schemes.

Our experienced affinity programme team will put together a special package so you can provide quality, relevant insurance to your employees or members. For example, we can offer boat insurance to your sailing club members or health insurance for your employees..

Why offer insurance to members or employees?

There are lots of good reasons to offer insurance to your members, clients, or team. Access to insurance can enhance staff or member satisfaction with your business. It can build loyalty and gain you new members or customers. And there’s the added benefit that you’ll know they’re covered if something does go wrong. For example, health insurance can help a member of staff to get back to work sooner following an illness.

Why choose ADNIC?

ADNIC is the UAE’s leading personal and commercial insurance provider. We have a great track record in working in partnership to offer insurance solutions.


  • We’re the insurance company of choice for the country’s leading banks with our Bancassurance scheme delivering value-added services like travel insurance and home insurance.

  • Our expert team can customise a programme to your specific needs and budget whatever the size of your business or club.

  • 24/7 stress-free claims process. Check out our testimonials to see how easy we make it.

  • Straightforward premiums processing system.        



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