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null Travel insurance: What people need to know about travel insurance during the pandemic

Travel insurance: What people need to know about travel insurance during the pandemic

02 May 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought travel plans for many to a halt. However, travelling isn’t just about going on a vacation. You may need to travel for work, studies or any other reason that can’t be avoided. This is where the pandemic is prompting many travellers to take a new look at buying travel insurance–and one that covers COVID-19.


A spate of new travel insurance policies are covering COVID-19, but these vary depending on the companies and insurance providers, so it is very important to read and understand them carefully.

The new COVID-inclusive insurance generally covers travellers from the day after purchase until their return home. During that period, if you become sick and a doctor determines you cannot travel, then trip cancellation and trip interruption benefits kick in.


Insurance experts also recommend the ‘cancel for any reason’ package if travellers are worried about an increase in cases in their destination or some other unforeseen crisis which is not covered in a standard policy. This might be a slightly expensive option but is worth buying for ease of mind, safety and well-being.

While these new shifts build on added flexibility in the travel industry, there are still contingencies to consider. As with any policy, travellers should not forget to read the fine print: these enhancements still do not cover claims due to government unexpected travel bans and quarantines, and a handful of other exceptions like certain foreseeable events. 

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