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Social responsibility in insurance: contributing to the community

20 Apr 2020

The essence of the insurance industry is about helping people and businesses through times of loss and the unexpected. For insurance professionals, it’s what makes the industry rewarding and meaningful.


With the amount of risk that the insurance industry encounters, it’s crucial to insurance companies and the dedicated professionals who work in them that they’re doing their part to help others. The insurance industry is filled with leaders who care passionately about social responsibility and doing their bit for the community.


Insurance companies are involved with social responsibility initiatives to contribute to safer communities and reduce environmental impact both here in the UAE and further afield. For many young professionals entering the insurance industry, social responsibility and contributing to the community aren’t just ‘the rights things to do’, but key aspects of what they look for in a prospective employer.


ADNIC has continued its commitment of giving back to the local community through its wide range of long-standing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives and activities across communities and organisations. ADNIC has partnered with groups such as the Al Bayt Mitwahid Association, which supports key community needs such as helping disadvantaged youngsters, the elderly and people of determination. Furthermore, ADNIC has partnered with organisations such as the UAE Genetic Diseases Association and the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation, which aims to improve the standards of education and research in the region.


Many insurance companies encourage their employees to volunteer, either with the company or on their own. And other ways the insurance industry contributes to the community is through sponsorships and donations. Many companies partner with local clubs, charities, or non-profits - and often youth-oriented ones - to assist in areas such as arts and culture, health initiatives and sports teams. Meaningful and purposeful initiatives matter to the insurance industry.

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