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null Insurance pain points and how to avoid them

Insurance pain points and how to avoid them

02 Sep 2021

Choosing the right insurance plan should simply include selecting the best option in the market for your individual needs. But for many, it can be a complicated or frustrating experience.

Perhaps there are too few or too many options. Or you need to fill in complicated forms and submit a plethora of supporting documents. Maybe the policy document, coverage and terms are bewildering, and packed with jargon and confusing terminology. Or you have difficulty contacting the insurer if they need to adjust their policies or make a claim. Thankfully, customers can now easily avoid such pain points by choosing the right insurer and utilising technology.  

Firstly, it’s important to choose a policy that suits your individual requirements and doesn’t include unnecessary coverage. ADNIC’s car insurance is customisable and can be matched to the customer’s needs; for example, if they drive an imported or modified vehicle.

Next, choose an insurer that is committed to ensuring customers understand what they are buying, with clear policy documents and no surprises in the small print. Information about ADNIC’s products is clearly available on our website, and we have also created a glossary of useful terms to help customers understand what they’re getting.

Third, choose an insurer that has an in-built digital process to streamline policy issuance and claims processes. ADNIC has invested heavily in digital capabilities like our virtual assistant, Saeed, to ensure a seamless customer experience, while maintaining an exceptional call centre and branch network to serve customers both in-person and virtually.

Lastly, should you need to make a claim, ensure you have chosen an insurer that you trust to pay on time and in the most efficient manner. ADNIC means what it says, follows through on its actions and delivers on its promises.

Buying insurance should never be complicated or frustrating. It should be simple and straightforward. Customers can rely on ADNIC to deliver that promise.    

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