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null Five ways ADNIC is preparing for the future

Five ways ADNIC is preparing for the future

14 Dec 2022

Companies in the UAE and abroad are finding new ways to engage with stakeholders to prepare for a greener and more transparent future. Here are five areas in which ADNIC is working on to adapt to the new expectations of customers and employees, to innovate with purpose and reimagine insurance’s role in the way we live and work and contribute consciously for a better tomorrow:

  • Decarbonisation: In efforts to reduce its carbon footprint, ADNIC decreased its consumption of utilities such as electricity and water between 2019 and 2021. Last year, the company sent 10,000kg of paper to a recycling centre to be processed into recycled paper products. In an industry that is heavily reliant on paper documents, ADNIC is combating paper waste by digitising its services and activities. The company is also committed to climate action through its partnership with Emirates Nature-WWF, where it contributes to local conservation projects and helps pave the way for the UAE to achieve its net zero goals.

  • Government agenda: The company continues to support the UAE’s various strategic projects as both ADNIC and the country begin their journey towards the next 50 years. Alongside regulators and the Insurance Authority (IA), ADNIC is committed to the government’s net-zero goal by 2050, and its various agendas for the prosperity of the UAE.

  • Technology: ADNIC’s digital strategy has accelerated during the pandemic, pushing ahead with a wider range of more specialised digital services. The company is focused and investing in its own digital transformation journey and constantly adopting new technologies, through a robust robotic process automation and machine learning programme that address business challenges and risk associated with big data.

  • Emiratisation: ADNIC has launched a new UAE National training programme ‘Emkanati’, in line with the company’s Emiratisation strategy. As part of ‘Emkanati’, UAE national employees have been selected to undergo training in ADNIC’s business underwriting divisions. The programme is inspired and aligned with ‘Nafis’, the UAE federal government programme which aims to hire and empower Emirati talent in the private sector.

Wellness: ADNIC implemented several wellness programmes for both its employees including a partnership with the UK’s Stress Management Society in 2021 to launch a staff wellness programme to support the mental, emotional and physical wellbeing of its employees in light of the pandemic and its impact. This year, the company launched a new personalised approach to employee appreciation as part of its wider people strategy, through a recognition platform, to enhance employee engagement and enable a culture of appreciation and celebration of exceptional work.


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