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Here you will learn what to expect when you first submit a claim, like what information you’ll need to have ready, where to submit it and any next steps.

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Travel claims

What to expect when you submit a travel claim

Step 1: Report incident

You report the incident, with the required documents.

Step 2: Claim assessment

Once you report the claim and submit your documents, we can start your claim process. We record details of the incident, assess your case and email you with guidance on the next steps. Depending on the loss, we might need to come to review the damages in person.

Step 3: Receive claim reference number

Once the claim is opened, within a couple of days you will also receive an SMS with a claim reference number. Use this claim reference number to track the status of your claim throughout the process.

What documents you’ll need

First thing’s first. Make sure you have all of the right details and documents ready, so you can easily report the incident to us.

Depending on what you are submitting a travel insurance claim for, there are different requirements you will need in order to fill out your claim form. Please refer to your policy’s terms and conditions for complete details.

For travel and medical-related emergencies anywhere in the world, you can contact the Assistance company stated in your schedule/certificate.

If the claim is regarding your flight or baggage:

  • Policy number
  • The flight details
  • Estimated value of lost items
  • Compensation amount from the airline, if any

If the claim is regarding your travel documents:

  • Policy number
  • Details of the travel documents, including time and date lost
  • The name of the authority you reported it to
  • Cost of replacing the lost documents

If the claim is regarding your accident or medical expenses:

  • Policy number
  • Details of the accident or illness, including time and date
  • Police report and station name, in the case of an accident
  • Doctor and hospital name, in the case of illness

Where to submit your claim

You can report the incident to us by phone, fax, email or online.


+971 2 408 0100


+971 2 408 0643



Submit your travel claim online.

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What people are saying about us

We are very happy with the excellent services provided by ADNIC and appreciate their expertise in understanding our specific insurance requirements. Must say that Really a ‘Reliable’ Insurer!
B C Naujad, Al Mansouri Specialized Engineering | Abu Dhabi, UAE
ADNIC has been serving our insurance needs for the last several years and we find them to be extremely professional and service oriented. Based on our Experience we highly recommend their service.
Ebby Abraham, Emirates Palace | Abu Dhabi, UAE
ADNIC is a trustworthy partner who takes a keen interest in the success of their customers. Some of their most compelling qualities are their ability to adapt to dynamic market changes, speed of responsiveness and analytically understanding client’s bespoke requirements. As we are one of the leading mobility organizations in the UAE, we rely heavily on ADNIC to provide a superior service and we trust they will continue to do so for many years to come.
Richard Sikkel, CEO Massar Solutions | Abu Dhabi, UAE