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Get straight through to our friendly team, who are available 24/7 to process claims quickly and easily.

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Customize your car insurance policy to match your needs, for example if you drive an imported or modified vehicle.

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All our car insurance plans guarantee a replacement car while yours is off the road, for your convenience.

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Have work carried out at the official car dealership to help maintain your car’s value.

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What do I do if I get into an accident outside of the UAE?

If you ever have a car accident whilst travelling outside the UAE, in either Oman, Bahrain, Qatar or Kuwait, we are here for you. If you would like to open your claim and have the vehicle repaired right where you are, you can do so by contacting our Car Insurance Claims Department in any of these countries, at the following numbers:

  • UAE
    +971 2 408 0100
    24 Hours

  • Oman
    +968 2 478 7828

  • Bahrain
    +973 1 778 8788

  • Qatar
    +974 4 466 2025

  • Kuwait
    +965 1 888 444

Why am I being charged with multiple excess?

The policy excess applies to non-recoverable claims, which you can read more about in your policy schedule. If you report multiple claims at the same time in which your vehicle was at fault or the third party is unknown, a separate excess will be applied for each claim.


However, in certain scenarios multiple excess deductibles can be charged on the same claim depending on the car insurance policy terms & conditions and the nature of the damages reported.


An additional excess may apply in one of the following scenarios:

  1. Your policy includes a clause for additional excess deductible in case of off-road

  2. The driver at the time of the accident was under the age of 25

  3. Multiple damages due to unknown third parties, each individual damage reported may be subject a separate excess

  4. For vehicles more than one year old, if the repair requires parts replacement you are entitled to reclaimed parts. However, should you request brand new parts a depreciation of 5% for ever year up to a maximum of 30% of the cost of the parts will be applicable.

How do I report a motor or car insurance claim?

To report a motor-related claim, you can simply call the ADNIC Motor Insurance Claims toll free number 800 8040 at any time, to open your claim. You can also submit your claim online or visit our ADNIC office and report your claim in person.

We will record details of the incident and then get back to you with the next steps. 

Once your claim is opened, you will get a text message from us. This will contain a claim reference number and the contact details of a garage that is most appropriate to your policy and insured vehicle.

How do I cancel my car insurance policy?

In case you wish to cancel your existing policy with us, please feel free to reach out to any of our offices or call our contact center at 8008040

How can I pay the excess?

You can pay the excess directly at the agency or workshop’s customer service.

How can I stay updated on my car repair?

You can always call one of our six branches, at the following numbers:

    +971 2 408 0100
    24 Hours

    +971 4 515 4851
    From 8am to 4pm

    +971 6 568 3743
    From 8am to 4pm

+971 3 764 1834
From 8am to 4pm

How do I recover my car from the place of accident?

You can call 8004405 to help you with recovery.

Which garages will you use to repair my vehicle?

If you have selected Agency Repairs, then your vehicle will be repaired at the authorized dealership of that vehicle. 

Otherwise, we will select one of our own authorized repairers. Always be assured that we use the highest quality garages that adhere to our strict quality controls.

What documents do I need to report a claim?

You will need:

  • Original police report

  • Copy of the registration card

  • Copy of the driving license

  • ID Copy

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What people are saying about us

We are very happy with the excellent services provided by ADNIC and appreciate their expertise in understanding our specific insurance requirements. Must say that Really a ‘Reliable’ Insurer!
B C Naujad, Al Mansouri Specialized Engineering | Abu Dhabi, UAE
ADNIC has been serving our insurance needs for the last several years and we find them to be extremely professional and service oriented. Based on our Experience we highly recommend their service.
Ebby Abraham, Emirates Palace | Abu Dhabi, UAE
ADNIC is a trustworthy partner who takes a keen interest in the success of their customers. Some of their most compelling qualities are their ability to adapt to dynamic market changes, speed of responsiveness and analytically understanding client’s bespoke requirements. As we are one of the leading mobility organizations in the UAE, we rely heavily on ADNIC to provide a superior service and we trust they will continue to do so for many years to come.
Richard Sikkel, CEO Massar Solutions | Abu Dhabi, UAE